Pomegranate non alcholic wine “Tovuz”

Pomegranate non-alcoholic wine “Tovuz” is produced from the best varieties of pomegranate – Gyrmyzy Gulovsha, Ballamursal, Gyzyl nar, etc.
grown in pristine area of the Western region – Tovuz, Akstaf, Goychay, Shemkir and Samukh regions of Azerbaijan. The wine has a saturated dark ruby color, perfectly balanced flavour. This wine is in high demand of consumer groups (women, older people and others). The advantage of this kind of wine is in its essential properties at the treatment of the diseases of cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal tract, diabetes, anemia, and in cases of radiation injuries. It helps to clean the blood from toxic substances, struggling with malignant tumors and atherosclerosis. The wine has a rich ruby color and perfectly balanced flavour. It is perfectly combined with
delicacies, cheeses and fruit.

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